Are You Ready to Thrive?

Are You Ready to Feel Better In, and About, Your Life and/or Your Business?

Are You Ready for Less Stress & More Joy, Less Pain & More Ease, Less Striving & More Flow?

Are You Ready to be Living Your Better Life?

Are You Ready for Life and/or Business Untangled?

You've Come to the Right Place.

I'm Dina Kennedy, and I Can Help.

Welcome to Life Untangled.
Welcome to Business Untangled.
Welcome to Energy Healing & Rebalancing
with Dina Kennedy

Dina Kennedy, Healer, Teacher, Coach.

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

~ helping you get the energy of your life and/or
your business untangled so that you can thrive ~

Energy Healing & Rebalancing
for Your Life 

~ Because life CAN feel better ~

~ Because life CAN be easier ~

~ Because when you learn to LET GO OF STRESS and get it out of
your body, pain releases & relief, ease, & hope return ~

~ Because IT'S NEVER TOO
LATE to change how you are living or thinking ~

~ Because you deserve to enjoy becoming & being your 
best & brightest self, in full
power & possibility ~

Energy Healing & Rebalancing 
for Your Business 

~ Because YOU and YOUR VISION and YOUR GIFTS MATTER in this world ~

~ Because when you and your business are energetically in balance, your VISION can become your business REALITY ~

~ Because getting you & your business energetically aligned MAKES EVERYTHING

~ Because it's time to stop struggling & to soar.
The world needs you! ~

Energy Healing & Rebalancing 
for Your Thriving 

~ Because IT'S TIME.
Your deserve to be happy, breathing, & thriving ~

~ Because learning to LET
 GO & to STAY PRESENT to the unfolding of each day, changes everything ~

~ Because when you get your energy untangled, and learn to keep it that way, you come back to hope & to joy & to your light ~

~ Because Energy Healing & Rebalancing MOVES YOU TOWARDS WHOLENESS and brings you home to YOU.
Life is just better when
 you're untangled! ~

Testimonials about Dina's Energy Healing & Rebalancing for Your Life:  

“You are a force in this world and your work

changes lives. Simple as that.”


“Dina Kennedy is the real deal.” 


“World class.”

Thank you for supporting my journey and for letting me learn at my own pace and in my own way. Your support along my path has been a true blessing.”


“Dina Kennedy is a healer’s healer.”


“I always feel so hopeful after a session with Dina!”

"My session was incredibly helpful thank you."


Your normal is other people’s amazing.”


“Amazing. Can I come again?”

Testimonials about Dina's Energy Untangling for Your Business: 

"This program got me from being completely stuck to moving forward on all fronts. My outlook has completely changed, and my interest in the business has been re-charged in ways I could never have imagined!"

"Dina’s unique blend of pragmatic business training, spiritual insight, and guidance ... kick-started a major upward shift in my business and my life."

"[Dina's] knowledge, intuition, guidance, suggestions and lessons have been invaluable!!!

I don’t know where I would be without my work with Dina."

"Dina helped me connect to my inner being and listened to exactly what I needed to do to help make my business successful.  

She was wonderful at suggesting creative ideas, marketing strategies, and providing encouragement. She is the real deal."

"Dina  has a way to activate what the divine has to offer us, which leaves this program with WOWs and MAGICAL moments!"

"My business is the best it has ever been now that I have focused goals I want to reach." 

"If you want help with your business plus a sprinkle of spiritual guidance, sign up for this program now!"

Are You Ready for Life Untangled?
Are You Ready for Business Untangled?
Are You Ready to Thrive?
Are You Ready to Dive In?

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