1/10: I’m Realistic. I Expect Miracles.

I’m Realistic. I Expect Miracles.


This is my favorite Wayne Dyer quote!


I’m realistic. I expect miracles.


What’s a miracle?


I think that’s up for you to decide!


As for me, I believe that miracles are events that shift the energy of the day, the life, the moment, even the world, for the better.


Sometimes they are asked for, sometimes they come unannounced and take us by delicious surprise.


They can be large or small, at least in my worldview and my experience.


But no matter their size, they carry that hint of magic, and they give us that sudden jolt of awareness that maybe there are indeed more things around us than are seen and known.


That maybe things can be different and better.


That maybe it’s true that all things are possible.


They bring with them a spark of the Light.


When you start to expect, and to look for miracles in life, you’ll start to see them.


Remember, something amazing is going to happen today.


Maybe it will be a Miracle!


deep peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

for you life & for your business




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