1/16: If You Could Change One Thing… UGH. Let’s create instead!



Another big AHA during my morning practice today!


You know how people, particularly coaches, often ask us:


“If you could change on thing

… in your life

… in your business

… in your relationship

what would it be?


As I continued working on my business plan this morning, that question suddenly came to mind.


I wasn’t sure why,  so I sat with it a bit.


And I realized that the energy of that question doesn’t feel good at ALL.


It’s constrictive and defeated feeling. It closed down my body. It squeezed my energy field tighter (a sign of stress).


Why? Because that questions asks that we look backwards and find things that aren’t going the way we’d wished.


And that has the sense of failure to it, doesn’t it?




I started playing with this, to see if I could find a brighter, expansive, energizing question instead.


And I got this.


What would you like to create

… in your life?

… in your business?

… in your relationship?


Holy cowzarolly! Totally different energy, right?




This new question says who cares what’s been – let’s move towards what we want, what we deeply desire, what feels good instead!


It’s energy is expansive, exciting, bright, inspirational, creative. And it’s a great jumping off point for planning forward.


BAM, but the lightbulbs started going off for me when I asked myself those 3 “what would you like to create…” questions.


Can you feel the difference? It’s HUGE, energetically.


So let’s go there instead!


Join me?


and p.s. – if you are a coach, or if you have a team, and want to share this please go right ahead – you can give them the link right to this blog post to make it easy for you =)  I’m loving this – it’s a shifter for sure!


with love,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

for your life & for your business



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