1/17: The Magic of Ordinary Things



The Magic of Ordinary Things


I love looking for and seeing the magic in ordinary things.


I’m actually going to write about the magical roasted veggies I made this morning, but I ate most of them before I could take a picture.


So this is a picture of Elijah instead, doing his ordinary thing =)


But back to topic.


When you live in stress, when you live in worry, when you spend time thinking about the past or over focusing on what’s coming next, you’re most likely missing a lot of the magic to be found in ordinary things.


When all of your energy is other than here, how could you possibly notice the magic in roasted vegetables?


There simply isn’t room for it.


The magic of ordinary things isn’t loud. It’s subtle. It just is.


And you need to be here, now, in the present, to see and fall in love with that.


Early this morning I roasted fresh vegetables.


Every step of the process held magic for me today, from having veggies to choose from, to choosing which oil and which herbs to toss them with, to smelling them roasting, to eating them.


Magic in every single step of that for me today.


I live in the middle of nowhere. If I want fresh vegetables in the winter, I have to drive seriously far to get some.


Bu now, our wonderful ADK Trading Post proprietress has upped her purchases of fresh veggies, delivered twice a week, for us to purchase and grin with delight over.


And as a result, my fridge is suddenly a magical place filled with the veggies I most love.


And I am so, so grateful.


This all sounds mundane and ordinary, I expect, but it’s not.


It’s magical and Light and joy filled. I know this. I look for this. I see this. Every single day.


For me, it’s just another ordinary day, enjoying ordinary things, and knowing and seeing that it’s all infused with magic. And I’m filled with gratitude as the magic unfolds.


Won’t you join me? I promise you, the magic is right there.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

for your life & for your business





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