1/23: Heartwave for the Planet



Heartwave for the Planet


Woke up today to clear proof that the planet is shifting and heaving and looking to release and rebalance, just like so many of us are just now.


8.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska.


Tsunami warning for the entire West Coast of North America all the way down to San Francisco, and out to Hawaii and the islands.


Massive eruption of a volcano in the Philippines.


She’s heaving and shaking big time.


How can we help and support her, I thought when I saw this.


Well, I believe that today is a very good day to do a Heartwave, with the intention to soothe and settle our Mother Earth, if she’s willing to accept that. I get the vision that when we do this, we’ll be placing a soothing, calming blanket lightly over her, hovering just above the ground.


Heartwave is something the angels gave me a couple of years ago. You give AND receive with the Heartwave. Spirit told me, when I got this “download”, that the time for receiving is now, that all loving energy is to go two ways now. Give, and receive. I heard that we’re not so good at receiving, those of us who are Lightworkers and openhearted and loving folk. Something to think about.


Anyway, here’s how to do it. Please join me if this speaks to you, thanks. And please, use this whenever you’d like! If you have low energy, confusion, sadness, worry, worry for a part of the planet, a group of people, etc. etc., this will help. <3


Sit with your feet on the floor. Take a nice breath in. let it go with a sigh. Stretch your toes and feel your feet on the floor. Bring your awareness to your heart and begin to breathe into your heart, gradually expanding the heart and chest area. You are infusing the heart with energy (the heart energy center is larger than the physical heart – so if you feel the expansion being big don’t worry!).


Once you feel ready, imagine sending a wave of unconditional love out into the horizontal web of the world (for this one just go horizontally out from the heart, unless called to do otherwise). Sit and gently, with intention, send unconditional, unattached love into the web for as long as feels good.


Then reverse the flow, and allow unconditional and unattached love to come back into you from the web of the world. Don’t skip this part! The angels told me we’ve entered a new way of loving, where it’s to always be an equal exchange, filling the all including YOU. 


Open your eyes, shake out your hands and arms, smile.


Thanks for joining me on behalf of Mother Earth.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

for your life & for your business




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