1/26: Turn It Over, Turn It Over, Turn It Over!

Turn It Over!



Turn It Over, Turn It Over, Turn It Over!


Not sure what to do with something?


Turn it over to the Angels.


Not sure how to fix something?


Turn it over to the Angels.


Not sure how to help a relationship?


Turn it over.


Not sure how to bring in some extra cash?


Turn it over.


Not sure where that person you seek is hiding?


Turn it over.


Not sure how to stop worrying?


Turn it over.


Can’t sleep?


Turn it over.


Chronic pain?


Turn it over.


Need help?


Trun it over.


I think you get the idea 😉


This is, clearly, a favorite of mine.


When I just don’t know what to do, I turn it over to the angels. I used to work at trying to figure things out. But now?


As soon as I realize I’m in my head, and spinning or “trying”, or worrying something to death, I turn it right over to the Angels.


Because they come back with the most amazing solutions! Way better than what I would ever come up with!


I say: “Angels, I don’t know what to do with this. I’m turning it over to you. You figure it out, and let me know what you want me to do. Thanks in advance.”


And then I pay attention to what happens.


I might suddenly get an idea for a new product, a flash sale, a program to roll out.


I might notice an article or a meme or a course online that leads me in the direction of the answer.


A new teacher may suddenly appear in my life, or I may suddenly decide that NOW is the time to work with a teacher or coach I’ve been following.


I might have a sudden new insight about the person I’ve asked for help with.


I might suddenly feel less worried, which creates energetic space for a new solution or idea or insight to come in to my mind.


I might simply feel relief, fall back to sleep, release some pain.


It works.

The keys to working well with this are to (1) actually SAY the turn it over statement (out loud is best); and (2) then pay attention to what comes to you and connect the dots back to the turning over. You’ll see them as you practice with this.


The angels are right there, wanting to help you. You just need to ask. So turn it over, and see what lines up around that.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

for your life & for your business


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