1/28: Here Is Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week of 1/28





When I got ready to write this morning, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on.


So I turned it over to the angels (imagine that 😉 ), and they said: “pull a card.”


And so I did. Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week of 1/28.


I was drawn to use the always wonderful Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, and one card flew out of the deck for us today.


That card is VICTORY! And the message on the card is from Archangel Sandalphon who says: “Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith.”


I was thrilled to have this card come up for us all.


I’ve been talking to the angels a LOT the last little while, and asking for some very specific things, and some very specific help.


Have you?


This card is the angels way of letting us know that our prayers and requests and our asking and turning over of things, have all been heard and received, and that the responses are, if not already here, underway.


This card says – stop worrying now, dear one, we’ve heard you, and we are aligning the energies for the best most Light filled response. It may have already come to you, maybe a bit has come to you, maybe you are still waiting.


Whichever it is, this card asks that you hold your faith. Hold the vision of having this thing you want. Trust that things are lining up to bring its essence to you now, or maybe to bring it’s actuality.


What comes will be in perfect right order.


Now sometimes the answers will come in very unexpected ways, so do stay open minded!


For example, last Monday during my morning practice time I asked the angels to bring me an extra $2,000 by 2/1. I won’t go into the details on the why, as that’s not important for the story.


Here’s what happened.


A part of my ceiling fell down during a thaw we had recently. I put in a homeowner’s insurance claim.


Last Monday, about 2 hours after I put in my very clear request to the angels, the insurance adjuster was here.


I’m covered =)   After he left I started laughing. Even though he promised the estimate by last Friday, I already knew, I could just feel the angels around me chuckling, that the estimated payment was going to come in at around the be $2,000 (it came in at $2,063, and well within the 10 day window I’d asked to receive and extra $2,00 within!!!).


Whoops, I said. Then I said Holy COW that was fast angels! THANK YOU THANK YOU thank you so much angels! (and I also expressed deep thanks to my insurance broker who made sure I had a good policy). Thank you. I’m THRILLED.


And then I said, but angels? I actually need $2,000 extra spendable cash by 2/1, not money I have to spend on the house although I seriously am thrilled with that too. Do-over please! I would still like an extra $2,000 spendable cash by the end of 2/1 please!


And it’s been coming in.


So. Moral of the story. Keep asking, keep turning it over, keep envisioning having this thing, or having this issue resolved, and have faith.


And then pay attention! Because sometimes those prayers are answered in the most unexpectedly delicious, crazy ass, awesomesauce ways!


And the angels have assured us today that VICTORY! is at hand. Your prayers really have been heard and answered. Have faith, dear ones. And enjoy the ride.


Always fun, isn’t it?


You are so loved. Remember – the angels are always ready willing and able to help but you must ASK.


with love,


Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy

for your life & for your business


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