1/29: Pockets of Contentment




Pockets of Contentment


January has brought me many pockets of contentment.


It’s really been glorious, and I am so glad I am present enough to notice them. They aren’t loud, they aren’t dramatic, they aren’t clamoring for my attention.


They’re just suddenly there. They seem to just slide up into my emotions and into my be-ingness, and they shift me into a smile and a sigh of joy, without me ever noticing their arrival. It’s just suddenly there, dominant in my energy, right then and there.


I find contentment to be a very soft and quiet energy, open hearted, fluid, filled with energetic motion, yet restful.


I remember the first time I ever felt contentment as an adult.


I was sitting on a lakeside dock in the summer, and suddenly this feeling came over me.


It was absolutely foreign to me. I truly had no idea what it was, and it startled me.


What the heck is this feeling? I wondered.


I had to just sit with it and puzzle it out, and I finally realized it was pure contentment.


It had been missing from my life for a long time, and certainly for my entire adult life up to that point.


But once I understood it, I begin noticing it.


It didn’t show up often at first, or at least I didn’t notice it often (remember, it’s quiet, easy, and soft).


But the more I worked on learning to be present in my life, aware of what I am feeling right now, aware of what’s unfolding right this minute, the more I found and noticed my contentment.


I’m so glad she’s back. I wouldn’t change a thing about her.


And that, my friend, is contentment indeed.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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