1/4 Hold the Vision, Trust the Process

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process


I love this quote, and this directive.


Because it works.


When I get clear on my vision, I get clear on my intention.


And energy follows intention.


I’m all about the energy.


When I get clear on my vision and my intention, the Universe begins to align everything that I need to help me bring that vision to fruition, and to energize that alignment for me.


That’s Law of Attraction (dominant energy attracts like energy), and manifesting, at it’s finest!


My job is to find, focus on, get clear about, and thereby energize that vision, that intention.


And then to hold it. Hold it in my heart, in my mind’s eye, and in my knowing that all things are indeed possible.


The Universe’s job is to bring it in, and to show me the next steps I may need to take to get there. That’s the process.


When I trust the process, and allow the unfolding of my vision and intention to occur at the Universe’s pace and in its creative energy, rather than trying to force it, amazing things happen.


And I just love that.


Sometimes things are easier than we think.


Hold the vision, trust the process. See what happens.


with love,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy


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