1/6: Rest. It’s Part of the Program.

Rest. It’s Part of the Program.


Why is being exhausted such a badge of honor?


Why is going too hard, too fast, doing too much, juggling so many balls at once, seen as a sign of achievement?


Why do we think we can, and should, just squeeze in one more thing before we can rest?


This is crazy thinking!


If you are looking to have balance, wellness, flow and joy in your life, you must add down time to the mix.


As a priority, not as an after thought you never actually get to.


It’s in the rest time where we reconnect to our soul, to our heart, and to our breathing.


It’s a much needed time in which our body unwinds a bit, and our messages from Source and from our soulĀ  start to come in and be noticed and heard.


It’s where we can let our mind wander down whatever creative or dot-connecting path it wants, freely, and without interruption.


It’s where we honor ourselves, and all of our efforting, and it brings us back to balance and focus, just in the embracing of it.


Time out for good behavior, beloved ones!


And I’m not talking about your nighttime sleep time here – I’m talking about stopping! During the DAY! OMG imagine that!


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority on Untangling Energy

for your life, and for your business





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