12/31/18: Two Easy, Powerful Rituals to Release the Old Year’s Energy — Join Me?



Happy Old Year! (as my immigrant mom loved to call me up to say on New Year’s Eve =)

And what an energy year 2018 has been!

Lots of chaos, lots of deep diving, lots of energy surfacing for clearing and release.

People moving towards soul purpose, people refusing to move toward soul purpose, and everything in between.

How about doing a wrap up and release of the 2018 energies with me?

Here are the two Energy Clearing & Releasing rituals I do every year to close out the Old Year and to make room for the energy of the New Year.

I love them, and thought you might too.

(1) The first is the “Sweep The Old Year’s Energy Out” ritual.

I learned this one from a Romanian friend (who’s mom was also an immigrant) when I was still on Wall Street, and have been doing it ever since.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, open the front door, take your broom, and starting at the front of the house sweep all the old year’s energy that’s stuck in the house out the back door, and then throw the broom out the back door with that old energy.

Close the back door first, then go close the front door.

Start with a new broom on January 1st to bring new clean energy into your home in 2019.

Energy follows intention, so be sure to set the intentions, before you begin, to:

(1) welcome the new year’s energy in when you open the front door, and

(2) release and remove all of last year’s energy as you sweep it, and toss the old broom, out the back door.

Since I go to bed well before midnight, I actually now do this ritual first thing on the morning of January 1st.


(2) My other favorite ritual for New Year’s energy shifting is a writing and burning ritual.

For this one, you’ll need pen and paper to start, and a place to burning the paper(s) at midnight.

At the top of the paper, write: Letting Go of 2018.

Then make a list of everything you want to release from this past calendar year.

This can be related to your business, your life, or both.

You might want to set the timer for 5 minutes for this one (but don’t stop when the timer goes off if more wants to come up and out — keep going as long as you want).

Just put the pen to paper, and write down anything that comes to mind for releasing with the old year.

You won’t be showing this to anyone, so don’t hold back or restrain yourself with what you write.

It doesn’t have to be neat or orderly either — just write and let it flow however it wants.

The act of writing is an important part of letting the energy surface for release.

Once that feels complete to you, write on the paper: Thank you. I am complete.

You will be then want to burn the page(s) before midnight New Year’s Eve to release the energies..

Some people have New Year’s Eve bonfires — that’s a great place to burn, of course. Wood stove works too, or the fireplace fire, or a burn pot (like a sage pot) either outside or carefully in your sink.

You get the idea. You need to burn the pages to release the energies.

For this part of the ritual you’ll say “I freely release the energy of 2018 now”, then burn those papers!

Let the smoke take all of that old energy up and away for you.

Thank the fire and welcome in the New Year and it’s new energies when done.


And that’s it!

Wishing you peace, love, thriving, and lots of good energy in 2019.

See you there!

in peace,



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