2/10: Time Gifts from Spirit


Time Gifts from Spirit


I love knowing that when my schedule suddenly shifts around, and a pocket of time opens up for me, that it’s a gift from Spirit.


It’s one way the Universe gets my attention and slows me down.


And it usually means – we love you, and if you won’t stop we’ll just make a stopping spot for you.


The to-do lists, the ideas, the inspirations, the other to-do list, the commitments to others, the chores and errands — they really can and do take over our days and our life if we let them, don’t they?


And we get a little run down, a little crabbier, a little less tolerant, a little more stressed, when that happens.


And then a little more.


And then a lot more!


At that point I used to get sick. Sometimes frighteningly sick. Or hurt. Something would happen that would stop me in my tracks, without a way out other than to stop and heal.


But now I am so much more present to my life as it unfolds, And I pick up on and notice a much earlier warning signal.


Now, instead of getting sick and being taken down for the count, my schedule suddenly goes wonky.


Clients suddenly reschedule. I can’t find the thing I need to do that chore, even though it was in my hand yesterday. We get a big snow and I can’t do errands after all. The washing machine freezes. The internet goes out. The power goes out for hours.


Those things used to throw me for a loop. But now? Now they just make me laugh.


Because I am so aware that those things are Time Gifts from Spirit.


They are Spirit’s early warning signal to me that I either am, or am going, out of balance.


These Time Gifts are unexpected, unplanned, unscheduled pockets and sometimes days of glorious free time I am handed to unfold into.


To regroup in.


To relax with, and to rest in.


To let go into.


When I take full advantage of them I emerge feeling rested, curious, shifted, inspired, and ready to tackle what comes up next.


I’m back in balance and flow.


And that’s the best.


Thank you, Spirit, for the Time Gifts!


I love you, too.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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