2/13: Be Amused



Be Amused


Be Amused.

That’s what I “heard” in my morning practice today.


Don’t lose your sense of the absurd.


See it all as one big comedy – sometimes a dark one – sometimes a bright one.


And Be Amused, dear one, I hear.


Remember to laugh at the absurdities, remember to laugh at the seriousness,

remember to laugh at your self.


Because everything really does shift.


Why not stay amused and see it all as one crazy adventure?


If we are indeed spirits in human form, if we do indeed each hold a spark of the divine, if things really are in right order and divine timing happens,


why not be amused.


Just let it go, let it go, and let it go again.


Here’s a Let It Go meditation for those of you who may be interested. It mentions the holidays, so jus be amused and let that be Valentine’s Day.






with love and a smile,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy, lives & businesses daily




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