2/16: Today I Am the Bowl


Today I Am the Bowl


Someone left a lovely book, “Everyday Sacred” by Sue Bender, in the book swap at my office.


I am so grateful – thank you to whoever that was.


I brought it home a few days ago, and am getting many bits of inspiration and ponderings from it.


The underlying theme of the book is the monk’s bowl.


Every day the monks leave their temple and go out into the world with empty bowls.


Whatever is placed in their bowl is their nourishment for the day.


They do this daily.


Ms. Bender is fascinated with the bowls in particular, and she also explores the idea of being the monk, being the bowl, being the nourishment.


I was very taken with this idea, and have been mulling it over since reading it.


So I am going to explore this myself over 3 days of writing.


Today I am the bowl.


I am stable, grounded, present, empty.


I am waiting to see what is placed into me, today.


I’ve no idea what that will be.


I do know it’s my nourishment for today.


And I also know that at the end of the day I will be emptied out again, washed clean, and put on the shelf to rest until tomorrow.


As the bowl., I MUST let go and clear out each day, in order to receive the next day’s nourishment.


If I’m not emptied and cleaned out, what a mess!


Over time I’d become muddled, clogged, overfilled, toxic, rancid.


Anything added to me would be tainted with the past.


If I weren’t emptied and cleaned out each and every single day.


Breathe in “Let It”, breathe out “Go”. Wiggle those toes.


Empty yourself out, every day, and rest.


Today I am the bowl.


I am clean, and I am waiting.


I am open to receive.


Join me?


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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