2/18: Today I Am the Nourishment



Today I Am the Nourishment

Part 2 of “The Bowl”

(you can find Part 1 here: http://www.dinakennedy.com/2-16-today-i-am-the-bowl/


Today I Am the Nourishment.


I am, yes ” I ” (capital “i” with emphasis) am the nourishment that I seek.


I start the day choosing to fill my bowl from within.


Early this morning I filled my bowl with self Reiki, with inspiration, Light and Joy and Contentment and Peace.


I am my nourishment. I nourish my self well.


Today I will choose to fill my clean and empty bowl whatever comes to me that will with nourish my body, my soul, my spirit, my emotions, and my energy.


If I am the nourishment, then I AM the life giving, life bearing, soul filled choices I make.


I am responsible for my actions, my non actions, my choices both life enhancing and life diminishing.


I am responsible for the nourishment I accept, and the nourishment I can be.


And just because I start the day empty doesn’t mean I have to put things I neither want nor like into my bowl.


Oh no.


There’s nothing wrong with leaving today’s bowl empty, if that’s what would nourish me best.


Today I AM the Nourishment.


What will you be today, if you are the nourshiment?


Let me know!


With a wish for deep and nourishing peace to you,

Dina Kennedy

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