2/21: With Gratitude.


With Gratitude

wrap up of “The Bowl” contemplation. At least for now 😉


I am so grateful for the bowl contemplation I’ve been working with for the last week.


It’s brought me shifts, clarity, a new ritual, and a new understanding of my days, my world, my place in the world. and it has reminded me of the depth of my personal response-ability to all of these.


I am the monk, walking out into the world each day and accepting the nourishment placed in my bowl as being in right order for me, no matter what it is.


I am the nourishment, and I decide how to use each thing placed in my bowl, and whether I will allow it to nourish me or sour me.


I am the bowl, the vessel, the container waiting, willing, and expecting  to receive.


I empty, clean and clear myself, the bowl, each evening so that I am a clean, clear non-toxic bowl the next morning.


I placed a small empty dessert bowl – a cream colored old shallow bowl, on my bedroom alter this week.


I see it in the morning as I prepare for my day, and it reminds me that I am all of these things, and that I can begin the day clean and empty, and open to receive.


I see it each evening as I prepare for bed, and it reminds me to do my evening clearing rituals before sleep.


I am so grateful for all that this bowl contemplation has brought to me, and brought up through me for examining.


Thank you for bearing witness.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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