2/23: Drop One Ball. On purpose!


Drop One Ball. On purpose!


I have a challenge for you for the rest of February.


I challenge you, and me, to deliberately drop one ball.


On purpose.


We are all juggling so many things and so many roles in our lives, so many must do’s, must be’s, to do’s to be’s, should do’s, should be’s….


What would it be like to take one of those balls you are juggling, and simply set it aside for the rest of the month?


When I did this earlier this morning for myself, to test it out before writing about it, what I felt more than anything was a huge relief.


And I felt my body relax and breathe as I committed to putting down one, just one, of the many balls I juggle.


Here’s what to do.


Take a few minutes, right now, and either in your mind, on your computer, or with a piece of paper, quickly list all the things you are juggling and trying to carry and manage this week.


These are things we’ve layered on to ourselves, that others have layered on and tossed to us, things society has thrown into the juggling mass of balls, things we thing we think we should be doing or ways we think we should be acting.


Whatever comes up and comes out of you for this quick exercise is just right. There are no wrong answere here.


Now. Think back through or look at that list and pick ONE, just one and only one ball to put down for the last 6 days of February (or longer if that feels right).


Then imagine putting that ball in your hands, right now.


What’s it’s name?


Look at it for a second once you’ve named it, then say – I freely release this ball named [     ] for now.


And either place it somewhere, or toss it right out the window and into the atmosphere to be taken away.


Then brush your hands off to detach the energy of the ball, take a nice breath, and feel what that feels like.


I feel relief, but also some fear around letting it go in such an energetic and not just mental way (which tells me how strong of a hold that particular ball has had on me).


What about you?


What ball did you toss out of the mix for now?


How did that feel?


Keep going with this through month end.


It will be so worth the doing.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

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