2/25: Doing The Moving Towards


Doing The Moving Towards


It’s a life shifter!


And I am sure you’ll be hearing more about this from me as the year goes on.


So. What is the “moving towards”?


It’s setting your sights and your intention on what you want to create, do, be or have in your life.


Simply by deciding what you want to move towards.


So often we make changes, or try to make changes in our lives because we are desperate to move AWAY from something.


As humans, we want to move away from what hurts.


And so, very often, we’ll do anything to just get away from this thing we don’t like.


And there’s nothing wrong with that.


It creates movement and momentum and get’s you unstuck.


But it’s a tough energy.


When we are focused on moving away from, we are keeping the energy of that thing we don’t like vibrating in our energy field.


And sometimes, as the old saying goes, the moving away from can take us “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”


I know you know what I’m talking abut here. We’ve all done it.


We get out of something only to end up in something new that after a bit we realize is somehow similar to the old.


What if, instead, you made decisions from the questioning point of: “What am I moving towards here?”


That’s a completely different energy!


That’s a high vibration, clean, creative energy.


There’s so much more joy, excitement, and possibility in The Moving Towards!


Think about wanting to get out of debt.


Feel the energy drop as you read that?


Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to a budget if you knew that doing so would have you moving towards something awesome like a vacation or the freedom to make a change?


Feel the energy open, lift, and get brighter as you read and think about that?


How about having to lose weight. Ugh, right?


Energy drop.


Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to a diet, or to an exercise plan, if you knew you were moving towards something like vibrant health or strutting around in a yellow bikini?


How about your business.


Wouldn’t it be easier to do the day to day nitty gritty of your business if you knew that was a moving towards of your vision becoming your reality?


I’m sure you are following me here.


When you shift your thinking and your approach from the “moving away from” to doing The Moving Towards, it’s a whole new world.


Embracing and adopting this mindset is a life changer.


It has literally changed my life.


And my business.


It’s one of the best things I have every learned.


Switching to a Moving Towards mindset and approach to decisions is not hard to do.


So give it a go.


What have you been wanting to or trying to move away from?


Can you flip that to a moving towards, and feel the energy finally say OH YES PLEASE! ?


Let me know how it goes.


You are going to love this, I promise you.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy, lives, & businesses daily.

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