2/27: Channeling on the message CLEAR YOUR ENERGY


Channeling on the repeating message CLEAR YOUR ENERGY


I’ve pulled this card for the collective 3x, yes three times, in the last week.


It just keeps coming up for us all.


So to get some more insight and information about why and what, I’m going to do some straight up channeling for you around this today.


I’m going to use Automatic Writing for this — something I’ll be teaching in the upcoming Live Online Oracle Cards & Automatic Writing to Connect to the Angels class – stay tuned for more info!




Here we go.


Dear Angels and All Who Work With Me and Thru Me — you keep giving me the card CLEAR YOUR ENERGY for everyone — what am I missing please? Is there more to the message than I’ve been seeing? Thanks for your help.


Dear one. Please pause.


Please take a time out some down time a stop a halt a NO MORE it’s time to look within time now.


We are seeing overload, too much stress, spinning and reacting from so many of you now, beloved ones.


We are calling upon you to STOP.


You cannot clear your energies, beloved ones, without taking a break.


You cannot clear you energies, beloved ones, even with all the tools, tips, techniques and exercises you are doing unless you take a time out now — and we’re not talking 10 minutes, dear one, beloved ones.


We mean a full stop.


If you really want to clear your energy, to shift your vibration, to release the old and allow yourself to fully embrace and allow in the new




It’s time, dear one, beloved ones, it’s time.


Full stop. Rest, non doing, change of scenery even if that’s just a one day drive or train ride to else where.


A full putting down and letting go of your all, your day to day reality, your everything.


You must stop, unplug, unwind, and just be for a few days, dear one.


And beloved ones, you too.


This is very important.


Stop first, then clearing.


And with that, we are complete.


You are so loved.




More tomorrow, but right now I need to go look at my calendar and find some down time sooner than planned!


Join me?


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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