2/3: Walking the Talk


Walking the Talk


Yesterday I woke up wicked cranky.


I’m doing a 7 day sugar detox, and it’s hitting me pretty hard.


By about an hour and a half into my day I had yelled at every pet, and stomped and cursed and been generally wicked and just miserable.


And then I caught myself, and said: “Whoa – what the heck is this? Whatcha doing there Kennedy? What’s really going on here?”


And I took a big breath, wiggled my toes and moved my feet around, breathed in “Let It”, breathed out “Go” with a sigh, and repeated this until suddenly I’d gotten myself present.


And realized it was the detox driving my outbursts.


Hmm, I said – I’ve got tools for that.


Energy rebablancing tools, awareness tools, and tools to reduce the sugar craving.


And I began using the tools.


And I shifted.


All these things we learn, the tools we practice, the learning to stay present?


We learn them and practice them so that life can be better. Every day.


We learn them and practice them so that when the shit (or sugar ) hits the fan, we can catch ourselves and bring ourselves back into balance.


This is Walking the Talk.


Thank heavens for our tools and practices!


When we find ourselves in the wrong story, we can leave it.


Just like that.


The rest of my day was great, thanks.


Wishing the same for you.


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy & shifting lives daily



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