2/5: Incubation Time — It’s Part of the Flow


Incubation Time — It’s Part of the Flow!


I’ve been chewing on some ideas for my Holistic Business Coaching Level 2 program for quite a while now.


Ideas, insights, notes on various scraps of papers.


Thinking about it, a little visioning, some wondering.


I knew it was incubating.


It just wasn’t ready to be born yet.


And I’ve been ok with that.


Because sometimes waiting is part of flow.


Sometimes the only thing that actually feels like flow, is to put something on hold.


Let is meld, let it incubate, let it come together as it want to.


Not forcing it to emerge.


Not making it ready when it’s not.


Not powering through, getting it done, pushing through, or any of that.


But just allowing it to emerge as it is ready.


Regardless of my self imposed pressures or deadlines.


Sometimes I think I’m crazy when I allow this to go on in my life.


But allow it I do.


Because incubation really, truly is, a part of flow.


And when it’s ready, it’s ready.


And then BOOM it flows out of me and onto the paper in one fast, glorious, complete, exciting, brilliant SWOOP.


And it’s good. Really good.


Brilliant in fact.


That’s what happened for me this morning.


My Holistic Business Coaching Level 2 program has arrived. One giant swoop.


It came through and out into a document almost faster than I could type this morning.


And it’s good. Really good. Brilliant, in fact.


I’m so glad I let it come at it’s own pace.


Here’s my question for you today.


What are you trying to force into awareness or into completion when it might rather be incubating?


You’ll know. It will have already come to mind as you read this.


Why not try giving it a rest instead, and letting it come to you at its pace and in its own time


Allow incubation time to be ok.


That’s part of the flow.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy & shifting lives daily


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