2/6: Still In Skin


Still In Skin


This morning I got up feeling really pissed off about what’s happening in the United States.

Steam coming out of my ears angry.


Appalled and horrified.



I thought – I can’t write about that! I need to settle down, let that go, and write something nice, or inspirational, or useful.

That’s what people are expecting from me. That’s what I’ve been doing. That’s what I “have” to do (who made up that new rule, Dina??)


So I did some self work, let it go a bit, and then said – you know what? This is where I am at today. It’s my now.

And this blog is so much about being in our now.

So I decided to just go with it.


After all, I’m still in skin.


I’m a human too, and even though I may be a Lightworker, an Energy Untangler, a Healer, Guide and Teacher, I’m also a person.

Still in skin.


Goddess in human form.


So then I thought about that a bit.

Goddess in human form?


Heck — the goddesses and gods NEVER tried to bury what they were feeling!

They were never complacent about what they were seeing unfold before their very eyes.

They never said Hey, that’s not ok but I’ll just look the other way.


And they never said ooo I’m not enough, people won’t like me if they see my flaws or if I let the real me show.


They put it out there! They ROARED and destroyed and carried on in the biggest loudest baddest ways imaginable!


They ripped off heads, tore the tops off mountains, threw trees at each other, emptied oceans, destroyed whole worlds when they were pissed!


They fought hard and loved hard and did wonderful things and terrible things.


If I am a goddess in human form, my goddess then isn’t perfectly fine to allow myself to be angry?


Especially if that’s what’s here in my now?


You bet it is.


Sure, I have tools to release this – self Reiki, journaling, breath work, getting outside, tapping, journeying, self IET, drawing, and more. And I’ll use them.


But if I’m not ready to shift this quite yet, I’m going to be ok with that.


Because hey, I’m still in skin.


I’m still human, and I’m still feeling my way forward in this world.


And that’s just fine.


with love,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy & shifting lives daily





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