2/7: Permission to Putter!


Permission to Putter


I find myself puttering this morning.


I did a bit of my regular morning practice, and then it began.


In and out of cookbooks.


In and out of website best practices training materials.


In and out of the notebook where I am fleshing out a new Holistic Business Coaching (HBC) course and a new HBC free challenge.


In and out of the tea pot, changing from the first morning brew to a totally different tea, taste and strength.


In and out of the sink.


In and out of the dishwasher.


My goodness! Sounds like I’ve been at it all day, doesn’t it?


I haven’t.


It’s just puttering.


And rather than rein myself in, or getting myself “back on track”,  I noticed it and got curious.


And let it keep going.


When I start puttering, it’s really important that I give myself permission to putter, so that I will relax into it and just enjoy it.


Even when I’m acting like a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next to the next.


Because I know, when this energy is upon me, that something is happening in my unconscious mind.


Something is starting to gel up, to come together, to prepare itself to emerge and to shift me.


When I have the urge to putter, some part of me is giving my brain all these other quick assignments and “shiny objects” to focus on, so that the unseen work can continue without my conscious brain’s interference.


And when that happens, I know whatever is coming together to come up is going to be important to my unfolding, probably important and directional for the next part of my path, and shifting.


Something’s getting untangled and sorted out in there.


How do you putter?


Do you give yourself permission to putter?



in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

shifting energy & shifting lives daily





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