3/10: Noticing the Signs & Messages




Noticing the Signs and Messages


I am getting so many signs and messages these days!!


Are you noticing that too?


The more I stay present and aware, the more I am able to notice them and connect the dots back to my asking.


It’s super fun and pretty mind bending.


I ask, the answer comes.


I ask, the answer comes. Over and over.


It’s as if the Universe and the angels are just waiting for me to make a clear asking and then zoom they are able to deliver!


Best customer service ever haha.


The keys are (1) crystal clear asking that’s in alignment with your true desire (that means the energy of the ask and the vibration you are emitting match), and (2) staying oh so very present and aware, and (3) understanding that nothing, NOTHING that comes into your experience is random – it’s all coming in response to your vibration somehow.


I used to wonder if I was making this stuff up, or doing wishful imagining, but even then I though so what who cares it’s fun.


But now?


Now I have no doubt it’s real.


And I can’t wait to see what comes in next!


Join me?


with love,

Dina Kennedy

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