3/11: Staying Aligned


Staying Aligned


Aligned decision making ROCKS.


In business, I am always working on aligning to my top 3 goals and top 3 priorities, whether that’s my annual, quarterly, weekly, or daily top 3.


I run my decisions to, and check them against, my 3 constantly.


This year I decided to bring this same discipline and alignment into my personal life as well.


And it’s been amazing.


I started the year getting really clear on my top 3 priorities for 2018.


I did this both for my business, and for my life.


I meditated, journaled, brainstormed, felt the emotions, talked to the angels, you name it.


It actually took me a few weeks for the clarity to fully arrive, and I was fine with allowing it to be like that. I didn’t want to force it, I wanted to get it.


The 3 priorities that bubbled to the top for my life were: (1) Health (that would be physical health for me); (2) Debt Snowball (that’s a Dave Ramsey debt elimination concept — google it out if you aren’t familiar with it because it’s good); and (3) Grow My Holistic Business Coaching business.


As I did my clarity work, my top 3 began to energize, and their vibrations started to anchor into my energy field.


They became real and important, and as I continue to align myself to them every day now, they are starting to become noticeably energetically dominant in my field at all levels.


I posted my 3 where I see them all the time.


Every time I have a medium or major decision to make, and sometimes even with my smaller decisions, I look at those 3 and see if the option I am considering is aligned with them.


If it isn’t, I need to either bring that option, that choice, into alignment with the 3, if I can and if I want to, OR I have to let it go.


That’s how I’m Staying Aligned.


It’s pretty astonishing to watch my life unfold in this new way.


Things are shifting quickly and sometimes dramatically, and my choosing and my decision making are getting more aligned and more power-filled by the day.


And the Law of Attraction is keeping pace.


I knew this was a good idea, but I really didn’t understand just how powerful it was going to be for me.


I can’t recommend it enough.


And as I teach this to my Holistic Business Coaching clients and to my Energy Clearing & Rebalancing clients, I’m watching this having the same huge, life shifting and liberating effects for them.


This is a big one for sure. And you can do it too, my friend.


What are your top 3 priorities for your business and/or your life for 2018?


Keep it to 3 as that gets the energy laser focused.


Take your time, get clear, write them down, and post them.


And then start to align your decision making with them.


You’ll be SO glad you did.


In the meantime, here’s a little ear worm for you about STAYING ALIGNED =) :



With love and peace,

Dina Kennedy

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Thank you.


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