3/13: Take The Leap


Take The Leap


What message do you keep getting?


What keeps calling you towards it?


What does your heart yearn for you to be doing?


What would make your life better, right now?


Take The Leap.


Go for it.


We hesitate for all sorts of reasons: the timing’s not right, I don’t have it all figured out, what would people say, what would my family think, what if I’m wrong, what if I fail, there isn’t enough money, I don’t feel well, I’m scared…


These reasons may feel valid, utterly, absolutely valid, but maybe they are just your old self kicking up a fuss to hold you back, to keep you from allowing your new self to fully emerge.


It’s what our old self does.


The old self thinks the safest place is staying the same.


And so it does all it can to sabotage forward momentum and growth.


That’s its job.


It doesn’t matter if this thing you’re reasoning your way out of and not doing is a big thing or a relatively minor thing, the old you is going to try to throw up roadblocks.


That’s how, it believes, it keeps you safe.


So what do you do?


Well, first, become aware of this. Awareness of what’s going on in the old self is so important here.


Second, honor and acknowledge this part of you. Thank it for throwing up roadblocks and “reasons”, and let it know you appreciate that it wants to keep you safe.


And then take the leap anyway.


Yesterday I finally did my first live online webinar style teaching.


It took me a couple of years of wanting to do and not doing, and a ton of reasons (aka roadblocks) came at me before I finally took the leap yesterday.


It was a blast. I loved it, and so did the students on live with me. It was actually so easy peasy I couldn’t believe it (after all, I do love to teach).


So why hadn’t I done this sooner?


What was underlying all the reasons and roadblocks of the last 2 years (and there were many ranging from not enough bandwidth, to don’t know how, to to hard, to not ready, and on and on) around this issue?


Fear of change.


This opens a major door for me in taking my business online and it brings me a completely new growth opportunity.


Taking the leap opens me to the possibility of massive change and upleveling.


Positive and exciting as that is, it’s change!


The old me knew that it would be, and so the roadblocks and reasons were insistently there.


I had to release my roadblocks to take the leap.


And I’m so glad I did.

Thank you old self. Thank you new self.


Why not become aware of what’s under it all, thank that old self, and then Take The Leap too?

You’ll be so glad you did.  It’s time.


In peace,

Dina Kennedy

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P.S. Do you need support around this issue? I can help. Phone sessions and office sessions are always available to you. Ask me for more info, or email me to schedule an appointment. Stop waiting. Let me help you take the leap.







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