3/20: “On the Brink” — sharing a reading with you



“On the Brink”


This morning I turned the page in my beautiful We’Moon 2018 Gia Rhythms for Womyn datebook, and found this.


I just had to share it with you.


On the Brink

There are many ways to change the world — worlds within, worlds untold — or simply a Blue Planet we have all yet to embrace as Home. Some whisper. Some wait. Some hold space for change. And some push through … We are all in it together, this mad, whirling dance of Chaos, each playing a role dependent on the other.

Here’s to the whisper-ers, who nudge the currents ever so slightly — A little here, a little there. In time it becomes a wave. A ripple, a roar.

Here’s to the wait-ers, who tell us something new will come, just bide the time, watch-ing from afar. In faith they watch a new reality unfold. What will it be — who knows?

Here’s to the space-holders, the vessels, the cosmic containers that focus the Dance, the mad dance of Death and Creation, in body, in breath, in life, in death. Behold the Body Chambers.

And here’s to the push-ers, the fools, the hero(Ine)s who walk the path of the burning blade, dancing, dreaming, screaming, heaving on the edge of change — a precarious path on can celebrate, or simply target.

Here’s to us all. Right now. On the brink of change.

~ The Sky Priestess


Which are you? Whisper-er, wait-er, space-holder, push-er?


Here’s to us all. We are all an important and integral part of the web.


in peace,


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p.s. the image above is called Light Work, by Autumn Sky.

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