3/29: 30 Day Affirmation Challenge — Let Your Affirmation Shift Your Life


30 Day Affirmation Challenge — Let Your Affirmation Shift Your Life


Ready to join me on an affirmation energy shift journey?


I hereby challenge you to say ONE affirmation 25x or more each and every single day in April.


Affirmations are a powerful way to shift reality, because they shift your energy, and they shift your vibration.


And, as you probably know, energy and your vibration both attract things to them that match — it’s magnetic that way.


It’s what “like attracts like” and the Law of Attraction are all about.


Saying one ONE hear me on this please JUST ONE affirmation 25x or more each day for 30 days is a hugely powerful energy realignment!


It’s not hard to do, it doesn’t take very long to do, and it can generate a major life shift for you.


So what is an affirmation?


Well, in a nutshell, it’s a positive statement or sentence that you wish were true.


Such as

  • Business is Booming
  • I am a client magnet
  • I’m working less and earning more
  • I am deeply aligned with my prosperity
  • I love money and money loves me
  • I constantly receive money from expected and unexpected sources
  • My body is healthy and strong
  • I love the way my body feels
  • I feel better every day
  • I love my life
  • I am filled with hope and joy
  • etc.


You’ll notice that these are all positive statement in the now – they use phrases and words such as “I am” “I love” “I feel”.  They never say things like “I will” “I hope” and the always yucky “try”.


You can think of them as a way of stating a dream — a moving towards, if you will.


Your affirmation is way to move you and your vibrational essence from where you are, towards where you’d love to be.


It’s that powerful.


I love affirmations. I use them all the time, and have for many, many years, because for me, they work.


But here’s a secret — almost everyone I know gives up on using and saying their affirmations way to fast.


You’ve got to give them time to shift your energy, especially if you’re moving away from an entrenched limiting belief.


Hence the 30 day one affirmation nature of this challenge.


I’m asking you to get focused, stay focused, and commit.


One other thing — an effective affirmation will create some emotion in you when you say it out loud. That’s important! Play with your wording until you get that — it makes for a much more powerful affirmation, and a bigger shift.


We begin on April 1.


You’ll need an affirmation, and some sort of tracker to keep yourself focused, committed, and accountable (I do the tracking on a calendar page I print and hang up).


So get to work on your affirmation, and make it a good one!


I really hope you’ll join me with this. It is so worth the doing.


Feel free to share your affirmation with me, if you’d like, or ask me for a little assistance if you feel stuck with this.


Let’s power up April and do some moving towards together!


in peace,


Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Success Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

website for energy healing & rebalancing: www.dinakennedy.com
website for business coaching: permission-to-succeed.dinakennedy.com
email: dinakennedyinfo@gmail.com

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