3-4-U (3 for YOU) Program

The 3-4-U (Yes, 3 for YOU) Program


The 3-4-U is a wonderful 3 phone session plus 5 week of unlimited email access and email support Energy Clearing & Rebalancing Program! 


If you:


  • Can’t get to the office to work with me or
  • Would love to work with me from the comfort of your own home
  • Are not feeling supported in your daily life
  • Are unfocused, scattered, or stressed
  • Find yourself spinning rather than flowing
  • Are moving into or going through a life transition
  • Know you feel better with regular energy rebalancing
  • Are looking for a spiritual growth guide/coach 
  • Are ready to be heard and “seen” at the deepest possible levels
  • Wish you could ask me all sorts of questions about your journey and/or the energy based way of seeing the world
  • Are looking to thrive in your day to day life
  • Are ready to make some changes for the better


Then the 3-4-U is a great place to start!


With the 3-4-U you will have 3 phone sessions with me, plus unlimited email access to and email support from me over a 5 weeks time period.


This program is designed to help you get untangled so that you feel better on all levels, feel supported and heard, and to move you back into your energetic alignment and flow, even if you’ve forgotten what that feels like.


It helps you release stress and regain balance, hope, and momentum.         


As you move through the 5 weeks of the program, your next steps become clear as the energetic dross falls away. And you’ll notice that as we talk, focus on, deeply hear your inner self and spirit self, and rebalance you, life just gets easier and more interesting again.


Why this format?


With 3 phone sessions in 5 weeks (one every other week), we build momentum in our energy untangling and realignment work together.


Each session builds on the one before and takes us deeper into the work, leaving you progressively more aligned, lighter, energized, and breathing again.


The Calls


All calls are 60 minutes.


The first session is often a time where there is a gathering of energies and information both from within you and from Spirit through me on your behalf.


It’s where we set your intention and get clear about just what you hope will happen for you during the program.


For those of you new to phone work with me, it’s the way your total holistic being will connect with and check out my energy.


And it’s where I begin assessing what tools I have that you’ll benefit from learning. These may include learning to disconnect, ways to find balance, rituals for clearing yourself daily, suggested reading.


And, as is always the case when you work with me, I’ll also be working on clearing, rebalancing, and shifting your energy during the call.


The 2nd and 3rd calls take place in week 3 and week 5 of the program.

During those calls we’ll go deeper into the work.


I can’t anticipate just what will unfold on calls 2 & 3 ahead of time, as the 3-4-U really IS all about YOU. Calls 2 & 3 are totally customized to you, your energy, and your needs as they present through you to me during those calls. It’s always a wonderful experience!


The Invaluable Email Access and Email Support


In between the sessions, and for one week after the 3rd session, you will also have unlimited email access to and email support from me to help you with your journey.


This is where you can ask questions (anything goes), check in and tell me what’s unfolding for you after the call, ask for support, seek guidance and clarity, etc.


Sometimes a new question or topic that I’d like to go deeper with you arises during your calls. We can shift that into an email thread for a deeper back and forth and exploration outside of the session time with this feature.


Also, the work we do together on the calls continues to unfold after the session is completed time-wise, often prompting further questions in you over the next few days. The email support and email access is meant to be there to give your support when this happens, too.


I will always get back to you within 48 hours – sometimes I really need to sit with your questions for a while to get the answer for you – I will always let you know when that is what’s happening with one of your questions.


The email access and email support feature is an invaluable benefit of the 3-4-U!! I have a huge depth and breadth of experience and wisdom to share! If you have a question, it’s worth the asking for sure. Once again, anything goes, and there are no silly or wrong questions ever.


The Results

At the conclusion of your 3-4-U, you can expect the following:


  • Feeling more balanced and spacious in your physical body. As you begin to experience more energetic room in the body, you begin to access more energy for daily living
  • You will have new tools to help you manage and release stress, which helps you sleep better and feel better on all levels. 
  • You will know you’ve made a wise investment into your well-being
  • You will have made mindset shifts to the yes, to hope, and to feeling supported
  • Your sense of connection to the all will have returned or increased, and
  • You’ll be ready to do it again!


Your 3-4-U Investment:

Your Investment in 3-4-U? $397 *

* payment plan available



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Thank you. I look forward to working with you soon.


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