3/6: Loving The Props


Loving The Props


I love using props in my home, my office, and my home office.


For me, props are items infused with a specific meaning or intention.


Most of us have some props around — it may be a shell from your visit to the shore, an item that belonged to a now passed over relative, holiday decor, a figurine, family photos, a well loved book, etc.


All of these hold a memory association for us.


We see them, we remember.


Whether consciously or unconsciously, we remember and feel that energetic “hit”, that reminder of the vibration that holds for us, when we notice the items, or even if we are just near them without awareness.


I like to take it a step further, and create specific energetic vibrational intentions that I then infuse into items, so that I can use them for props, for strong reminders, for “call backs” to the present.


The image above?


The huge rose quartz pillar is infused with self love. It reminds me, when I see it, to open my heart to myself.


The citrine cluster in front of it is in my home to call in great abundance. It reminds me, when I see it, that great abundance has been invited in, and it reminds me to be open to receive.


I have a special candle holder that I put out on my stove top when I start my Sabbath time. Every time I see it it calls me back to the awareness that I am, right then, on Sabbath, and to all that means for me.


During my staycation last week I used a different candle holder which I infused with an “I am on vacation” reminder energy.


It stayed out on the stove top the whole time.


Every time I saw it I was brought back to the present, and then I refocused on just being and enjoying my time off, and on not doing.


It worked wonderfully!


Since The Bowl exploration, I have had a small empty bowl on my dresser, which reminds me to empty out and ground each evening, and which reminds me each morning that I am beginning the day with clean and clear energy.


I love my props!


What props do you have already?


Can you make them more powerful by infusing them with energetic intention?


A fast way to do that is to hold the item in your hand, or touch it, and to then clearly state what that item now means for you.


Give it a try — it’s a powerful way to invite supporting energy into your life!


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

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