4/13: Creating More Space for The Messages to Come In


Creating More Space for the Messages to Come In


I’m working on the prep for my new Live Online Oracle Cards Level 2 class that starts Monday, so I’m playing with a variety of spreads and reading options as I prepare to take everyone deeper into using their cards.


It’s been quite an eye opener.


I have what I’ve been thinking of as a strong and vibrant morning practice.


Mmmm, perhaps it’s not quite as strong and vibrant as I’ve been thinking.


The cards are showing me that I’ve been shortchanging myself.


I’ve gotten into the habit of doing quick reads with my cards, quick channeling, quick automatic writing, even quick self Reiki, then on to the next things in my morning practice to-do list.




My practice has been productive, helpful, rebalancing, informative, and all the other things I want from a morning practice that sets the tone of my days.


But it’s gotten full and quick.


I’ve gotten into the habit of not giving any one of these things enough time to actually receive their full message, or their full benefits.


And I’ve added too many things into the practice for the amount of time I set aside for it.


Sure, I’ve been getting messages and benefits, and that’s terrific and important, but as I move back into doing the more time consuming spreads, and opening more time in my morning for this, I am getting a whole different level of messages and awareness coming through.


I’m seeing clearly that I need more time, and more space, for this deep work with the self.


I need to back it up and slow it down, so that I can get more benefit.


Instead of adding, it’s time to subtract OR to add more time to my practice.


That message came thru loud and clear today, and I would venture to say that Sirit has been attempting to give me this message for some time now, but I wasn’t leaving enough open space to either hear that, or perhaps to even get that message at all.


And I’m betting I’m not the only one!


Where do you need to open the space for your messages, your self care, your rebalancing, to go deeper? Where do you need to back it up and slow it down to get more benefit?


Start there. Whatever came to mind as you read that is the place to begin.


In peace and awareness,


Dina Kennedy
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p.s. If you’ve taken a cards class with me you are eligible for the NEW Live Online Oracles Cards Level 2 Class. It starts Monday and runs for 3 yummy weeks =)  All calls are recorded, so even if you can’t make all the calls live you will get the full benefit! Plus there are prompts and tips, and an interactive facebook group just for the class members. Here’s the link for more info and to register: http://tinyurl.com/oraclecards2




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