4/14: A Channeled Message About Worry


A Channeled Message About Worry


Over the last couple of days as I’ve been preparing for my NEW Live Online Oracle Cards Level 2 Class which debuts on Monday (here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/oraclecards2 ), I’ve come to see that there was too much doing and not quite enough be-ing in my morning practice.


I had been packing in a whole bunch of things I love and want to do each day, without expanding the time container to hold them within. And shortchanging myself along the way.


So I’ve been backing it up, doing much less, and be-ing with just a few favorite practices in a deeper way instead.


And that means I’m back to doing my automatic writing.


Hence today’s message to share. After this message came onto the paper I asked if it was for sharing and heard to go ahead.


So here it is for you. Enjoy. Take it in.


Dear angels & all who work with me and thru me – do you have a message for me today please?

“Ah beloved one. Peace to you this fine and glorious new day of delights, love, joy, opening & new awareness.

We are so pleased to be here with you in this way, dear Light.

What is worry after all, but a play of resistance to flow?

What is worry but a self-imposed ROAD BLOCK, sometimes with ROAD RAGE —  hah – yes – you truly heard that did you not.

Worry. It’s illusory, it’s finite, it’s a measure of avoidance keeping you spinning, keeping you stuck, holding you in the old toxins and the familiar.

Releasing worry is like a slingshot.

Trust us.

Trust us.

Trust us instead.

Allow the flow to be in trust.

Find your ease, and you find your flow.

It isn’t ever in worry dear one.

Not ever.

Play with this — take a worry free day and simply flow.

Which choice has more Light? as you so enjoy asking.

Where are you finding or feeling your flow, right now?

You are in flow as you communicate in this way, and whenever you connect to our words thru reading and absorbing their energy. That’s just one example.

It isn’t all that hard, dear one, but it does take persistent action, continual awareness, and a willingness to shift.

You are our beloved one(s). You are so loved. You do matter. We are one, and we are complete, for now.”


And with that, I wish you peace,


Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Way Show-er
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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