4/16: Becoming More YOU


Becoming More You


One of the most intriguing things about being an energy healer is that it helps people become more them.


When we work together in the office, by phone, or through video chat, we are realigning you to the essence of YOU.


When we work together to surface, clear, untangle and release the old energies and stored emotions, pain, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you hidden somehow, and keeping you in old ways of acting and reacting, you start to find the real you.


Through doing the work, and using the tools I give you, you simply become more you.


Which is pure magic.


You start to feel better in your body, better about yourself, steadier, more grounded, more in your personal power and your Light.


Hope and awareness come back. Things start to go more smoothly and to move you in the direction of your dreams.


The weird thing for me, as the healer, is this — as you become more you, you don’t really see this. You just know you feel better, and more like yourself. You don’t always see or realize how much you’ve shifted, because you are shifting into YOU — you are becoming more YOU when we work together, and when you keep it going.


From the inside you just feel better. You don’t see the change, you just feel more alive and more energized. Happier. Steadier. More curious. Minute by minute, day by day, week by week it builds.


But from the outside? People are often astonished. They recognize the enormous shifts you’ve made, and that you’re someone new, at least to them.


But really, you are just coming into alignment with your personal energy, your essence, your true self.


You are simply becoming more YOU.


Isn’t that amazing?


It’s a wild thing about this work. As you become more you, it’s hard to remember who you were before.


And you don’t need to got there! You are getting brighter and more aligned by the day.


Don’t you just love that? I sure do, and I love seeing it happen for you.


And that’s it for today. Enjoy your emerging you, my friends.


In peace,


Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

website for energy healing & rebalancing: www.dinakennedy.com
website for business coaching: permission-to-succeed.dinakennedy.com
email: dinakennedyinfo@gmail.com


p.s. I’m going to be rolling out two programs for transformation this week — if you are ready to get serious about shifting into your best and truest self, if your ready to get focused and committed and to make a deep dive into your healing and realignment, you’ll want to check them out!

The reviews from clients who’ve participated in these programs are incredible (and so are the results). Stay tuned for more about my 8 Week Transformation Intensive and my 3 Month Steady Shifter!



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