4/2: New Month, New Focus. Doing the Moving Towards.


New Month, New Focus. Doing the Moving Towards.


Don’t you love the start of a new month?


It’s such a clean slate to make of what you will.


I love that at the beginning of each month I can simply let the last month go, with all of it’s glories, misses, fails, successes, and lessons (although maybe I should keep those 😉 )


Each month has its own energy, and my energy shifts month to month too (so does yours).


I like to really release the past and all that did or did not come with it at the beginning of each month, and to start fresh.


Once I do some release work in my morning practice, I start to focus on what I’d like to create this month.


What do I want to move towards in April?


What vision, goal and energies will I use to propel my life forward toward my vision for it this month?


Once I get myself clear with that, then it’s time to set my intentions for this week.


What steps will I take this week to move me towards my vision, my dream life, my happiest of happy places?


I like to write them down and post them, and I never have more than 3 on the list, as that keeps me focused, aligned, and in the flow. Plus it greatly increases my chances of success — and we always want to set ourselves up for the win, don’t we?


Anyway, I’ll turn it over to you now. How will you be Doing the Moving Towards in April?


Enjoy your dreaming and contemplation, and then stepping into your action plan.


With love,

Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Success Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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