4/20: Manifesting Tip – Don’t Forget the Why!


Manifesting Tip — Don’t Forget the Why!


Sometimes when we are doing manifesting work we get overly focused on the what.


We start to really hone in on what it is we want to create (and sometimes on what we don’t want to create oops).


We think about it, we write our affirmations to it, we wait for it to arrive.


We really stay focused on getting this thing.


But a really important part of manifesting is focusing on the WHY.


Why do you want this thing anyway? What’s it going to add to your life?


Why are you calling it in, and asking the Universe to bring it into your life?


This is an important part of the process that so many of us forget to consistently include in our manifesting work.


And it’s the energy kicker that turns your manifesting on in the Universe.


Sit with your why. Imagine this thing you want being here with you, right now.


Try it on. Imagine all the ways life shifts with this thing you want now being here (don’t imagine it is coming, imagine you’ve gotten it already). See yourself having and enjoying and living with this thing you want.


See yourself in your shifted energy, the energy and vibration you shifted to when this thing came to you.


Why do you want this thing. Imagine that why fulfilled.


Right now.


And then open to receive.


in peace,


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