4/22: Uh Oh – Melt Down!


Uh Oh – Melt Down


Last night I had a melt down.


Driving home from work, my exhaust under the car blew a new hole.


It got WICKED loud.


I’ve already been pulled over for this. And now, that car is not going anywhere other than to the garage.


I had the funding lined up to repair this and the front brakes so that the car would pass inspection, and fully expected that this would have all happened last week.


So I did my taxes and paid them.


Paid the mortgage, paid the bills, all that other good stuff.


And then there was a plot twist, and my expected financing was delayed for about a month, it looks like.


Keep breathing I said all last week.


Keep hustling, keep breathing, keep talking to the angels.


In came 1 new client, another new client, an unexpected booking, another unexpected booking.


Oh thank you, I said. It’s going to work! I said. It’s lining up! I said. HURRY angels, hurry! I said.




Time’s up.




So. What did I do to shift that, and to finally get some sleep.


Just like I teach you, I know that stress compresses my energy and moves my center into the upper chakras, where I will start to spin and where I will be reactive.


There’s no breathing room there, no room for solutions to arise, no way to convince ourselves to let go when we’re in that energy constricted space and spin.


You have to shift the energy down somehow, first, and get some breath and space back into the body and the energy field, before you can find relief.


So I went to the feet, started stretching the toes and then the heels, breathing out with a loud exhale.


That settled me for a few minutes.


But then up came the energy again, and back into the spin I went.


Back to the drawing board!


I started running through all the tools in my self healing & rebalancing tool box, trying this one and then that one, with limited success.


Then finally I said to myself – you KNOW that whatever you focuses on grows. You Are Growing It. You MUST switch the topic.


So I asked Archangel Michael to cut all cords, strings, chains and ties to this worry and to this issue for the night.


And I literally yanked my brain to another topic, and started chanting my health affirmation. Over and over.


Suddenly, as I lay there repeating the health affirmation, I was back in my body. I started smiling, I settled into the bed, and fell asleep.


The next time I woke up and started moving back to the spin, I started listing my gratitudes.


Again, I yanked my brain away from the spin and forced it onto a different topic, and a different energy.


3 hours later I woke up.


Such a simple yet amazingly powerful awareness here.


Whatever we focus on grows. If you don’t like what’s growing, you must change the topic completely.


I had grown a meltdown. And it was hard to get out of.


Until I remembered to switch focus to something I do want to grow, and forced that monkey brain of mine to stay with the new topic!


I’m sharing this uncomfortable story with you today because what I finally did WORKED.


And I know I’m not the only one of us who can spin into something hard to shift.


Change the topic. Move the brain. You can do it too.


With love and further self awareness,


Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Success Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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