4/26: Here is Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Next Week


4/26: Here is Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the next week.


As always, I asked the angels to please bring me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students, and followers.


For today’s reading the angels took me right to the always fascinating Energy Wisdom Oracle Cards by me! (you can check them out here: http://www.dinakennedy.com/oracle-cards-by-dina/​ ). One card came right out, then I heard “wait” and a second card came out for you! And what a combo this is!



The first card today is FIND THE FLOW.


This is SUCH a fascinating card. When this card comes up it tells us that (1) it’s time to realize that you will always be either in flow, or in resistance — there is no other place to be (for those of you working with me on being ever more present, being present is IN flow, yes?); (2) it reminds us that flow is when things happen almost magically or effortlessly — people, places, things, ideas, just seem to line up, and life feels good, or at least pleasant; and (3) that non flow, or resistance, feels hard. In non flow everything takes effort, things don’t come together, we get stuck and agitated. Resistance is us doing our darndest to avoid flow!


This card has a beautiful directive for how to get back into flow. It asks that you think back to the last time you felt like you were in flow. When was that? How did that feel? Where did you go off? Where did you leave the river of flow?


If you can connect to that spot, the angels ask that you get back into the river at that point where you climbed out somehow, and go back to the flow and the allowing. If you got out because there were rapids, and it was scary and hard, then just walk along the bank until you are on the other side of the scary water, and climb back in there, say your angels!


The angels say to please, please, please ask them for help with this, as they are eagerly awaiting that request from you.


They don’t like to see you in pain, dear one. They like to see you in ease, in flow, in the river of life just floating gently downstream.


Ask us to take you there, dear ones, they say.



The second card today is OPEN YOUR HEART.


This card is often about remembering that your energetic heart is bigger than your physical heart, and that its actually quite strong and resilient.


This card comes when we need to bring a little more self love, self acceptance, and self nurturing back to our life.


With this card the angels ask that you take a moment, right now, and open the doors of your heart to let all the old crap, old unfulfilled desires, old wishes, and old wounds simply flow out of your heart and down your body an your energy field and into the earth to be taken away for transmutation.


Once that feels complete (it won’t take long), simply invite the heart to close the draining, and it will. Then take a moment to be still and to  feel how your heart is replenished, re-energized, and more roomy inside.


Feels amazing, doesn’t it?


Do this right now say your angels — it doesn’t take long and the relief is big. Ask us to help you if you’d like that, they say.


Allow yourself to clean and clear your heart, and then to save a part of it for you, and a part of it for loving up your flow.



What beautiful work. Thank you angels.


And with that, we are complete. You are so loved.


Remember that the angels are always available — just call on them to help you with anything large or small, and there they’ll be!



Until the next time.


in peace,


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