4/7: Haha — more about eggs!



Haha! More about eggs…


When I sat down for my morning practice today I “heard” “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”


Really? I said. More about eggs??


“You missed something yesterday.” I heard.


And I immediately got it.


I’m not a patient person. And so, when I retold the goose that laid the golden eggs story yesterday, I didn’t focus on the patience part. Although I saw it, as you probably did too.


And Spirit nailed me on that this morning =)  I’m grateful. It’s a reminder I need. Often.


Here’s what came in around “don’t count your chickens until they’re hatched” as I sat with it:

  • Patience young Jedi
  • It’s all a process, that’s just how it is
  • Stay in the now – count eggs when you have eggs, not chickens or golden egg laying geese
  • This doesn’t mean you can’t imagine and visualize the outcome you want, though
  • It just means slow down. be patient, get present, be grateful for what is here now, and curious about what might be coming
  • Everything comes in Divine right order
  • Let things unfold at their pace — don’t try to force it
  • You can’t reap before you sow
  • You can’t bypass Divine timing
  • Not everything is going to bear fruit (become chickens or golden egg laying geese), and that’s ok, normal, AND to be expected. Be patient anyway.
  • Focus, stay the course, pay attention
  • Be present and curious
  • Let go of the things that don’t work out AFTER giving it some time
  • Breathe
  • Be aware of the little miracles in the ordinary



Honor and nurture your geese, your golden eggs, your chickens, your chicken eggs.


Be present, thoughtful, aware, curious.


Allow right timing.


Take it slow and take it easy.


Allow things to succeed or fail – you may end up with more chickens, more golden eggs, more geese, rotten eggs — it’s all fine, and it’s all part of the process.


And above all, BE PATENT and BE GRATEFUL for the process, as well as the outcome!!


I love that these last two days of writing can be applied to our businesses, our lives, our relationships, our everything, don’t you?


In peace,


Dina Kennedy
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