5/12: Calling In A Miracle to Demonstrate a Teaching


Calling In A Miracle to Demonstrate a Teaching

Now that was fun =)


The other day I was working with an Energy Healing & Rebalancing client who’s been experiencing some pretty severe physical pain and issues that just have not wanted to quit.


As we talked I thought about how we could release those, and heal these issues up.


At one point she said: “and even my Reiki isn’t helping!”


So I suggested sending distance healing (something you learn how to do in Reiki Level 2) to herself, with the intention to release the pain or injury – to release the energy which was constricted and which had somehow gotten stuck in there


She asked how to do that, and as I explained the steps I could see her going a bit blank — so I decided to demonstrate, using my own body to show her.


I’ve had some chronic pain the last couple of months, too, ever since I twisted on the ice in February. So I did a distance healing on myself targeting that knee.


Doing distance healing on yourself can be a pretty wild experience, as you are both the healee and the healer at the same time. It’s especially curious to do on yourself in the here. And I’d never done it on myself in front of someone else before!


Well, it was pretty wild and her eyes got bigger and bigger as she watched my sending hands, and what was going on with them (which I also explained), and my receiving body, which started to do some incredible and very physical and visible untwisting and releasing, and which released the injury and then totally realigned my posture as I kept sending!


It was WILD! And, dare I say it, miraculous.


She took a turn next, and then we went to the table and I finished clearing out what she’d unfolded and opened in her distance healing on herself.


Miracles abounding!


Nothing like a little miracle to demonstrate a teaching =)


And that’s it for now.


In peace,


Dina Kennedy
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p.s. Yes, I do offer Distance Healing services to clients who I’ve worked with before. Feel free to ask me for more info.






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