5/13: Affirmation Shift – Wheee!



Affirmation Shift – Wheeee!


This month, over in the Dishing With Dina group on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/621758648000996/ )  we’re doing a 31 day Affirmation Challenge.


Friday was day 11. The challenge is to say up to 3 affirmations every day for the month, and to say each one at least 25x daily.


On day 8, I gave the group the option to tweak, refine, or change their affirmations.


I didn’t tweak, refine or change any of mine even though I had a lot of resistance and opposite energy coming in around my new one. Which I started working with on May 1.


This past Friday, Day 11 of the challenge, I literally felt the energy around the new affirmation switch.


It suddenly went from full on resistance and blocking to something that felt like “oh well, I guess I actually can be this thing because clearly she’s not letting this go.”


And suddenly my body started to be more the new and less the old way. Wow!


It was that visceral for me, and it’s holding and growing in its energy.


It has definitely “turned on”, and is now going to be attracting what helps me grow it and make it my reality.


And I am super excited about that!


This is why we don’t quit.


This is why we stay with it, and repeat the same thing over and over and over again, without change, without skipping, without forgetting to do it.


This is why I am so pushy around affirmations work.


Persistent counts with affirmations! It’s how the energy gets past the old vibration and shifts you forward.


This is how energy, and lives and our reality shifts.


And this is not the first time I can tell you exactly when a shift of this nature took hold for me!


The biggest issue I see with failed affirmations is people quitting because they don’t immediately see results.


Hello? We’re talking a very short 11 days here, friends, and I can suddenly feel and hold a major vibrational shift that’s more in line with where I want to be and not where I was.


11 days. That’s nothing!! But most people quit after day 5 or day 7 for some reasong.


If you’ve not working with your affirmations, and are reading this, start again.


If you never started, start now.


I can’t even imagine where I’ll be after another 11 days, let alone by the end of the month!


Remember the basics:

(1) your statement must be in the present tense;

(2) positive statements only (no negative words);

(3) your affirmation is something you are wanting to bring into your life, a reality you’d rather have;

(4) say each affirmation (maximum of 3) at least 25x each day. Every single day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

It takes less than 10 minutes and you can multitask this — I say mine in the shower and when driving.


It’s so worth the doing!


In peace and excitement,


Dina Kennedy
Healer, Teacher, Success Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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