5/25: Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week ahead

5/25: Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week ahead


As always, I asked the angels to please bring me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students, and followers.


For today’s reading the angels took me right to the Energy Wisdom Oracle Cards by me =) , 1 card pull.


And your card and message for the week is BLESS.


This is SUCH a lovely card and message to have appear for us!


When this card comes, the angels are asking us to walk as a blessing upon the earth.


They are asking us to bless as we go through the day. To soften, to relax, to be a blessing.


And to actively bless!



Bless the house, bless the food, bless the company, bless the money, bless the spring.


Bless the plants, bless the birds, bless the day and the sky and the sun and the rain.


Bless, bless, bless.



Be a blessing machine, they say hahaha! Just pour your blessings on every darned thing you can think of to bless, dear ones, they say.


PLEASE. Be a blessing and help soften the energies in and around you, in and around your home and family, in and around your community, in your nature and pets, and let that ripple out into the world.


The time to pour your blessings upon everything you can think to bless is now, dear ones, they say.


Be a blessing, and be blessed in return.



You are so loved. Please call upon us if you need help with this, say your angels. We know you are a blessing, they say, and we can help you remember this and know this too. Just ask, and we’re there, they say. Don’t be shy.


And with that we are complete.


You are so loved!



Until the next time, and in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

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