5/30: Whatever I Focus On I Grow


Whatever I Focus On I Grow

and so do you.


That’s basic Law of Attraction stuff, right there.


When we focus, we energize. When we energize, we magnetize.


When I constantly focus on something, when I obsess about, think about, talk about, try to fix, try to understand, try to make better, my energy says LOUD AND CLEAR to the Universe — I LIKE FOCUSING HERE. Bring me more! I LIKE HOLDING THIS VIBRATION. Bring me more!


Doesn’t matter if its something I want, or something I don’t want, Law of Attraction, that energetic magnet, works the same for both.


The more focused I am on this thing (whatever it is), the more time I spend thinking about it, talking about it, worrying about it , enjoying it, hating it, wishing for it (and thereby noticing and energizing its absence), the more I energize it. The more I call it in.


It’s like watering seeds. Your obsession, your unwavering attention, your avoidance of looking at something, your wishing that something would go or would come, all cause that thing to grow in your vibration.


And the more we hold something in out vibration, the stronger the energetic call in for more of the same is.


That’s just how it works.


So. What do we need to do when we are obsessing? We need to change the topic, and to bring in a different vibration. We need to instantly, as soon as we catch our self vibrating in match to something we don’t want, yank our focus away from it and on to a totally and completely different topic.


Over and over, and over again, as often as we can.


We need to stop watering that garden, and it will stop growing, or at least stop growing so quickly.


Make sense?


What magnets are you showing the Universe these days?


What are you growing?


Take notice, and be sure you’re growing and magnetizing what you actually want!


In peace,


Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
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