5/4: Lights On for Angels!


Lights On for Angels!


I love using lights and candles to call in the angels.


And recently, the angels have been using lights to call me in!


Twice over the last few months, I’ve had seemingly random but actually miraculous angel light experiences.


The first was one morning at 5 a.m.


It was pitch dark outside (dead of winter). No lights, no moonlight, just pitch black.


I was standing near the kitchen window with just the stove hood light on (which isn’t in front of the window) with my first cuppa, when suddenly, one of my decorative solar lights out in the yard turned on and lit up.


The shape of it, in the dark, was a lit circle over a lit curve over an upside down “v” — if you turned it sideways it would have looked like this:  o)<     See the angel in that?


My eyes popped. First of all, it was clearly the shape of an angel.


Second, it was BLACK outside — there was no light – nothing at all that would have turned that solar light on! Even on the brightest day, those 3 solar lights dim out and go off around midnight.


So I laughed, and said, I see you angels – what do you want me to know?


And I heard: “You are fine. Everything is going to be o.k. Keep talking to us.”


And a few minutes after that the light went off. It’s never been lit at 5 a.m. again.


Last week my 3 armed battery operated candelabra which I keep at my alter to remind me of angels, and which I used to light to call in angels for extra assistance until it broke, was, at about 3 a.m. in the morning, ON!


Again, there’s no rationale explanation. It is broken. It doesn’t work. Yet it was on.


It turned on as I was thinking about how glad I was that my stepfather, who had major surgery recently at 85 years old, has such a good and loving support system.


Then I was wondering what it would be like if I had to go down that path — who would be spearheading my support team?


And the angels answered: “US. We are your support team. You are never alone dear one, we will always be with you! We love you. Keep talking to us.”


I laughed, grinned, thanked the angels, and went back to bed with a huge grin knowing and feeling the love and support the angels brought into my home and into my heart.


I can’t wait to see what they do next with my Lights On for Angels!


pretty neat, isn’t it? I sure do love the angels <3


in peace,


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