5/6: Asking for Help is Not Weak – It’s Value Affirming!


Asking for Help is Not Weak – It’s Value Affirming


It’s such a shame that so many of us, myself included, have been programmed to believe that asking for help is weak.


That asking for help means we have failed, or that we aren’t capable, or that we are less than.


Because nothing could be further from the truth, energetically.


Energetically, asking for help is value affirming.


It says to others, and to the Universe, I am worthy of assistance.


I deserve to be seen, and heard, and valued when I need help, and certainly when I ask for help.


After all, I am a part of the Light, and so are you.


If you believe, as I do, that everyone has a spark of the Divine within, that everyone is a part of the whole, that everyone has a piece of the Light that lights our world,


what part of you is not worthy of help?


What part of you shouldn’t be allowed to ask for help and support?


What part of you is so separate from the rest of the web that it doesn’t count?


No part of you.


No part of you, or of me, or of anyone.


Let’s think of asking for help, and of giving help, as a way to keep the Light on, as a way to fan that spark of the Divine to shine brighter, as a part of the infinite web of energy that gives and receives with every breath it takes.


Don’t be ashamed to need or to ask for help.


Be bold. Affirm your value. Ask for help when you need it, and even better, ask for help when you want it.


And receive in joy.


Because you matter.


with love,


Dina Kennedy
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