5/7: Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week of 5/7


Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week of 5/7


Here is your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the week of 5/7. As always, I asked the angels to please bring me a clean and clear message for you, my clients, students, and followers.


One card pull today for you – and it’s from the always fascinating Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen & Grant Virtue.


Your message for this week is BLOCK OUT DISTRACTIONS.


The message on the card is: “You life purpose and other priorities need your undivided attention, so it’s time for you to take charge of your schedule and working environment by turning off electronics and avoiding anyone or anything that distract’s you from what’s important. YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THE DISTRACTIONS ARE, and you have the power to responsibly block them out.”


The angels say: You. You have the power to do something about this.


It’s a choice to be distracted, and it’s a choice to not be distracted. It’s up to you to make the shift, if and when the shift to clear mind and clear time is needed.


What’s pulling you off your path? What’s keeping you from your flow? What distractions have you manifested to keep you from your full expansion, dear ones?


Whatever comes to mind first is it. And whatever comnes to mind second is it too.


We oftern create and allow distractions out of fear of embracing our forward momentum, and in fear of seeing where we may need to be making and embracing some changes.


You know this, dear one, say your angels. Call upon us to help you through now, dear ones, they say.


You have to make the first step though.


Time to get distraction free and to see what really wants to happen now!


And with that we are complete. You are so loved, and remember – the angels are with you always, in all ways, and they love you so much.


Ask for their help whenever you need. Don’t be shy.


In peace,


Dina Kennedy
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