6/12: Followup to yesterday’s incredibly aligned message for the collective



Thank you for all the feedback about resonance with yesterday’s Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message!

(If you missed it here’s a link:  http://www.dinakennedy.com/6-11-your-angel-card-reading-channeled-message-for-the-week-of-6-11/ )


I thought I’d share with you how I worked with the directions in this message this morning.


I made time to sit outside in the quiet, and to think about the seeds I’ve planted recently, and over the first part of this year.


I thought about the 2-3 years harvest time frame the message gave us.


I thought and felt my way through whether the seeds I’ve already sown are the ones that will bring me the harvest I truly want to enjoy for the next 3 years (I used July 3rd, my birthday, as my starting point and looked forward from there, giving myself the rest of June to do any additional planting needed/wanted).


I thought and felt my way through the question of whether there was any weeding to be done NOW, right away, before I sow more seeds for my near term and 2-3 years future over the rest of this month.


Then I sat with the question and felt my way through whether there were other seeds I wanted to be planting, right now.


I then journaled my findings from the meditation/visualizations/exploration and wrote down how all of this felt, and what I saw and now expect energetically.


And I felt complete, aligned, content, happy, and thriving, with a lovely forward momentum begun.


Give this a try, and let me know how it works for you!


Be sure to give yourself enough of a time block to do this freely and without interruption, if possible.


In peace and anticipation of good things to come,


Dina Kennedy

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