6/30: Pace Yourself


Pace Yourself.


All that stuff on your to-do lists?


It’s not going anywhere.


Pace yourself.




In my morning practice today I was mulling over what all is on my plate.


We’re on Module 3​ in the Vision Based Business Planning Course.


And we’re heading into a long and wicked heat wave, at least where I live.


And I have a full schedule!


Pace yourself, I heard.


In Module 3 of my Vision Based Business Planning course, I share Steve Covey’s wonderful 4 quadrants of activity from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” These 4 Quadrants are:


  1. ​Things that are Urgent & Important
  2. Things that are Urgent & Not Important
  3. Things that are Not Urgent & Important
  4. Things that are Not Urgent & Not Important.


Many of us tend to spend a lot of time in Quadrant 2, which is driven by other people’s demands and their sense/statement of urgency, and in Quadrant 4, where we, dare I say it, waste time, take down time, muck around.


And that creates a stress in us because what about Quadrants 1 & 3?


Pace yourself.


When we pace ourselves, and when we get clear on what we are moving towards, whether that’s a business vision OR a way to make it through an intense heat wave, when we put our attention to Quadrants 1 and 3, we can be more like the tortoise than the hare and still win!


We don’t have to go full out.


It’s not a race when we focus on 1 & 3.


When we focus on Quadrant 1, Urgent & Important, and Quadrant 3, Not Urgent & Important, we can move in a much steadier way.


We can pace ourselves.


We can take it one bite at a time, move slow and steady when that’s what’s called for, and still make real progress.


As the saying about the tortoise and the hare goes: “Fast and furious sets the pace, slow and steady wins the race.”


What are your priorities for the next few days?


Can you pace yourself through them?


Can you put those Quadrant 2 & 4 items aside?


Be like tortoise.


Stay focused, stay cool, and take it slow and steady, my friends!


In peace,


Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
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