6/5: Feeling Emotions Lets Them Move and Show the Way…


Feeling Emotions Lets Them Move and Show the Way…


How do you deal with emotions?


Do you, as so many of us do, stuff them, ignore them, curse them (the difficult ones), wish they’d leave you alone?


Or do you allow them to open, and feel them, and let them move through?


Emotions are energy. They come with messages. ​They provide us with sign posts on our journey.


They help us know when things are in, or out, of balance, when we are on the path the truly resonates with our soul, and when we have veered sideways into dangerous territory.


They underpin our actions, our non actions, and the state of our physical selves.


Emotions come and go as a wave. Drama builds and holds.


Allow the emotions. (skip the drama)


When you feel them, they open, and then they settle or subside. They provide information and show us the way forward again. They are not bad things!


Yes, it can be scary at first to allow emotions to be felt, seen, acknowledged. And yes, sometimes they are telling us it’s time for a change.


But holding them? That makes us sick, keeps our lights dim, tamps our energy and motivation down.


When you have a little time, sit and ask, what emotion is in there that I’m avoiding? Remember – it will come up like a wave, and then go down like the other side of the wave.


I did this recently, and found 2 pockets of profound grief I hadn’t known were buried within. I realized, as I allowed them to rise and to be acknowledged, and as they then shifted to sadness, that those 2 deep holdings had been running quite a few odd things that had been going on in my body.


The energy of the unseen and un-allowed emotions had created quite an energy block and twist in my body, and my body had started to strongly react to this. And not in a good way.


Now that I found those emotions, felt them, allowed them, and opened into and fully acknowledged them, both the emotions and the physical self have settled down.


Energy is an amazing thing, isn’t it?


Take yourself softly into this one, please, and take the time to allow the unfolding. Please do get support if you need it for this work.


Self reiki is also really helpful here!


With love,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach

Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy
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