7/13: A Message for Everyone, this week’s Reading & Channeled Message

7/13 Here is Your Angel Card Reading & Channeled Message for the Week Ahead


As always, I asked the angels to please bring me a clean and clear reading for you, my clients, students and followers. Today I also asked the angels to tell me what they would like you to focus on in the coming week.


I was called to use the wonderful Energy Wisdom Oracle Cards by me for this week’s reading (available in the office, or for purchase here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/energy-wisdom-oracle-cards-by-dina-kennedy ), and 2 cards jumped out for you.


The first card is RELEASE THE FUTURE. When this card comes, the angels are reminding us that the point of power is in the present moment. It’s right here, right now.


Focusing too much on the future, and worrying about what may or may not come, actually diminishes your power and blocks messages from being seen and/or heard in the present moment.


When we put our energy into the future, it’s simply not hee. For you, for your family and loved ones, for your business, for your self care.


The angels want you toe release the future and to come back here, now, dear ones, they say.


So how do you create a future you would love if you release the future?


You come back to the present, and focus on what is going right, what is going well, and what you like in your reality.


Keep focusing there, and increase that energy. That will call in more things that match those vibrations!


And suddenly your flow will begin to unfold again with ease and joy.


And you will naturally and easily begin creating and seeing a future unfolding that brings your happiness and ease.



Your second card for this week is REFLECT, and yes, these absolutely do go together!


When REFLECT comes, the angels are asking that you slow down, or perhaps even fully stop, and come back to the present moment.


When you make time to reflect, to allow yourself to look at all that’s going well or not going well, all that you’ve gotten done or avoided or punted on, all that has unfolded, you can then decide what to let go of, what to keep, and what to applaud yourself for.


When we pause and reflect, we remember why we are here doing whatever it is we do each day. We remember what we want to move towards in our lives or businesses, and in our journey.


We come back to the energy of allowing, and get away from worry, stress, and struggle.


Take some time over this next week, dear one, to release the future and to reflect on what is for keeping, and what is for releasing.



You are a beloved child of the Universe.


Remember that, and breathe.



And with that, we are complete. You are so loved.


Remember, the angels are always available to you — just ask, and in they’ll come!


Until the next time,

in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
Your Trusted Authority for Untangling Energy

P.S. Two quick things!

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