7/16: When’s the Last Time You Cleared Your Space? Here’s a quick, effective way to do it.



When’s the Last Time You Cleared Your Space?

Here’s a quick and effective way to do it!


Space clearing is really important!


It releases stuck and stale energy, negativity, worry, and all sorts of dense energies from our surroundings.


These energies build up over time when they aren’t cleared and released. This can create a whole host of things in you — feeling stuck, feeling heavy and confused, not sleeping well, having trouble moving forward in your business, a loss of creativity, a loss of enthusiasm, constant bickering, you name it.


Regular space clearing can help with all of these things.


It’s important to clear any place you spend time in — your office, home, car, vacation rental, hotel room, camper, conference room before you do a presentation  — anywhere you spend time — regularly so that clean, clear life force energy can keep moving in and moving around your space, breaking up the old, calling in the new.


Here’s video I made demonstrating an easy, effective space clearing method I love.




Enjoy. And get clearing — you’ll feel much better for it!


in peace,

Dina Kennedy

Healer, Teacher, Coach
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